Entrance Doors

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Put simply, Solidor make the very finest composite doors in the market today, packed with exclusive features that aren’t available on any other composite door.

20 Unique colours, the latest high security hardware and beautiful features are just some of the reasons why high quality installation companies offer our products, while homeowners demand them. All Solidors are based on tried and tested 48mm design that is 10% ticker than other doors on the market with an upgrade to the ultra secure 63mm thick version if requested. The most secure composite door on the market exceeding the latest test requirements and has been praised by security experts.

Product Benefits

  • 20 Colours inside and out
  • Unique 48mm solid core door
  • Chamfered or sculptured door frames
  • Exclusive door furniture
  • The most secure locking system

Composite Doors

Composite doors are a modern alternative to the classic timber door. Get the best of both worlds with a reinforced hardwood inner frame, set around a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core that looks just like a timber door.

Because they are of a solid bonded and reinforced construction and they are manufactured to a greater thickness they are stronger and more secure than UPVC doors and in many instances their timber equivalents.

Due to their composition, Composite Doors won’t rot or warp – making them the perfect door for your home. Also available in an array of different colours with the accompaniment of a multitude of glazing and hardware options.

Splash of colour:
Our Composite Doors come in a vast selection of colours to suit your home perfectly. Make a statement by choosing a bold colour, or keep it classic with Black or White.

Lower energy…
Our doors are energy tested and have received bespoke energy rating certificates that are based on expert data from the Build Research Establishment. They have also been accredited by the British Fenestration Ratings Council.

Glazing options…
We have a large selection of different glazing options to compliment your door and make a statement with your home.

Contemporary to classic hardware suites…
All our doors come with the choice of contemporary or classic hardware suites that compliment you door- making it the perfect fit for your home.

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UPVC Doors

Products come and products go and some go on forever, up high on the list of products that stand the test of time is the PVCU door. Thirty years ago it was novel and new now it’s a standard fitting, but that does not mean it has not evolved, it has. Better construction techniques have produced a more secure and durable door, more styles and glazing options have made it more appealing to the customer, better hardware options have not only added to the image, they have also ensured that the door is more secure than ever before.

PVCU doors the original low maintenance and long life product continue to build upon these credentials – no painting, simply wipe clean, secure in the knowledge that your door has a thirty plus year lifespan, what more could you ask from your door, it is no wonder that PVCU doors endure.

Wide range of colours, styles, colours and glass etc
Our UPVC doors come in a vast selection of colours to suit your home perfectly. Make a statement by choosing a bold colour, or keep it classic with Black or White.

Through living here in the UK, you will be well aware of the drastic changes in weather we experience on a yearly basis – from hosepipe bans to flooding, our country goes through some severe weather changes throughout the course of a year.

That’s why your door needs to be able to withstand anything that the Great British weather throws at it. Although traditional timber doors can look great, they can often swell in winter, shrink in summer and end up warped, twisted and split.

Which is bad news when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. But, the great news is, our UPVC doors come with none of these problems – they look great, whatever the weather and work whatever the weather ensuring your home stays dry, warm and secure.